Our Philosophy

Picture of Chess Board with King down and paun standing with title At Johnson Fistel we never shy away from a challenge.

Johnson Fistel is a law firm built on the following five core values: trust, hard work, determination, integrity, and excellence in everything we do.  These values are more than words on a piece of paper; each person at Johnson Fistel must embrace them in everything we do.


At Johnson Fistel, we believe transparency and trust are critical to developing long-lasting and successful relationships.  Not only must our clients trust us to provide excellent services, we must trust each other to always do the right thing and to zealously advance our clients’ interests.  Additionally, we share a collective mission to build trust with judges, juries, and our adversaries so that our professional reputation remains synonymous with honor and integrity.

Hard work

We do not achieve success for our clients by hoping for it.  To succeed, we know that we must exercise the strength of mind and the willingness to exceed client and industry expectations and provide exceptional advocacy, every time.  Our success is not left to chance or luck; it is achieved through hard work and dedication.


Determination is key to our success.  At Johnson Fistel, we don’t give up when faced with well-financed opponents or difficult arguments; instead, we rise to the challenge and meet it head on by relentlessly pursuing innovative and persuasive solutions in order to advance the best interests of our clients.  It is our determination, our will to not give up, that separates us from most lawyers.


There’s never a wrong time to do the right thing.  And we do the right thing, in the right way, for the right reason.  At Johnson Fistel, we take pride in our reputation for having integrity when zealously advocating for our clients.  By always acting with integrity, we build trust with our clients, colleagues, judges, juries, and adversaries.

Excellence in everything we do

Simply put, we hold ourselves to a higher standard.  Average is easy.  Excellence is hard. Whether it’s writing persuasive legal arguments, maintaining a strong and prompt communication line with our clients, or vigorously advocating in a courtroom on their behalf, we wholly reject mediocrity and strive for a competitive edge by delivering excellence in everything we do.

We believe we are only as good as our people, and Johnson Fistel recruits only the best and brightest and most determined candidates possible. Our lawyers include those who started their training by working for esteemed judges in both state and federal courts and have also worked at the largest law firms in the world. We pride ourselves on providing the same level of service with a greater level of efficiency. As a result, we have developed the reputation for delivering big-firm results with the efficiency and personal touch one would expect at a small law firm.

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