Asset Protection

Asset Protection takes estate planning to the next level—it is designed to provide your business and estate with the maximum amount of risk and liability mitigation available, ensuring that your assets are insulated from litigation concerns and other potential threats.

At Johnson Fistel, our Asset Protection process starts with the preparation of a strategic and personalized Asset Protection Plan (“APA”) designed to make sure that all current and potential personal and professional risks and threats are identified. Once the liabilities are known, the APA will implement creative and proven strategies to address, mitigate, and possibly eliminate those risks.

There is no cookie cutter or one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to Asset Protection—every APA is personalized and uniquely tailored to a client’s individual needs, goals, and risk tolerance. There is also no need to build a rocket ship to go next door, and a good APA should not be overly complex or expensive.

The Asset Protection Group is committed to designing and executing an APA that will leave you, your family, and your future in a much safer and stronger position.

Areas of expertise include:

● Formation and implementation of Asset Protection Plans
● LLCs and Corporations (entities designed to limit personal liability)
● Personal Residence Trusts (protecting your home from lawsuits and creditors)
● Family Limited Partnerships (transferring accumulated wealth and business interests while minimizing potential tax liabilities)
● Equity Stripping (making your assets less desirable litigation targets)
● Private Retirement Plans (personalized plans tailored to your individual retirement needs)
● Domestic asset protection trusts (using state specific laws to provide maximum privacy and protection)
● Offshore Trusts (using foreign jurisdictions to shield wealth and assets and discourage lawsuits)
● Philanthropic Integration (supporting your passions while minimizing taxes)