Portfolio Monitor

Investor Portfolio Monitoring Service

Johnson Fistel’s Portfolio Monitor is a proprietary and complimentary portfolio monitoring system for institutional and individual investors. To view or print a PDF version describing Johnson Fistel’s Portfolio Monitor, please click here for the pdf.

Johnson Fistel recognizes that there are inherent risks when investing in the stock market. But the risks that an investor assumes do not, and should not, include the risk that the company or its officers and directors will make false and misleading statements to artificially inflate the company’s stock price or sell their own stock based on insider information. Often times, corporate fraud goes undiscovered because the truth is buried in a footnote. If you don’t know where to look, you might not know your investments are in trouble until it’s too late.

With Johnson Fistel’s free Portfolio Monitor fraud detection services, our qualified securities lawyers can monitor your portfolio and identify losses that may be connected with fraudulent misstatements or breaches of fiduciary duty by a company’s officers and directors. If a potential fraud is discovered, Johnson Fistel will investigate and present our findings to you. This service is available to both institutions and individuals no matter how large or small their investment portfolios.

Portfolio Monitor is designed to alert institutional and individual investors when one of their investments may be affected by securities fraud, corporate waste, or other wrongdoing. Portfolio Monitor is available to both U.S. and foreign investors. There are no minimum portfolio requirements or costs to participate.


Johnson Fistel does not outsource its monitoring services as all portfolios are monitored 100% in-house by an experienced team of legal and financial professionals. Our team has an exemplary record of identifying and prosecuting corporate malfeasance.


All information submitted to Johnson Fistel concerning the client’s portfolio holdings are kept secure and strictly confidential, unless the client authorizes disclosure of information to pursue legal claims.


Portfolio Monitor is a free service that is tailored to each participating investor’s specific needs and circumstances.


  • Customized Fraud Alerts: Johnson Fistel will notify qualified Portfolio Monitor participants if we detect corporate misconduct or fraud with covered investments. The alert will detail the issues involved and the investor’s legal rights and options.
  • Ongoing Investigation Updates: All Portfolio Monitor participants will receive email alerts listing the firm’s current case investigations.
  • The Monitor: All participants will receive Johnson Fistel’s quarterly newsletter which highlights recent legal developments, the firm’s accomplishments, and upcoming deadlines.
  • Notification of Relevant New Case Filings: Participants can receive monthly alerts about newly filed cases that relate to a Portfolio Monitor participant’s holdings. The alert will describe the claims asserted and list relevant deadlines, including moving for lead plaintiff, and it will also include our recommended action plan.
  • Settlement Notification: Certain Portfolio Monitor participants may also receive notifications of settlements affecting portfolio companies, and in some instances we can assist with the necessary paperwork (claims submissions, objections, etc.).

To get started, email us or call 619.230.0063 and a member of the Johnson Fistel team will contact you shortly.

DISCLAIMERS: The foregoing description of services offered is provided for information purposes only. Not all services are available to all Portfolio Monitor participants. Submitting an inquiry regarding Portfolio Monitor shall not create an attorney-client relationship.