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Can Your Company Force You Into Arbitration? The Supreme Court Hears Argument
October 2, 2017, the United States Supreme Court heard oral argument in a series of consolidated cases that will impact the ability of millions of employees to come together and bring class action lawsuits to enforce their workplace rights. These cases, known collectively as Epic Systems Corp. v. Lewis, present the important question of whether
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#MeToo – No Longer Silent About Workplace Harassment
Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein, Fox News host Bill O’Reilly and pop superstar Mariah Carey are among the latest high-profile figures to be accused in what feels like an ominous deluge of sexual harassment allegations from men and women around the country. The October “#MeToo” movement, where social media users tagged their profiles to signal that
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Johnson & Weaver, LLP Announces Name Change to Johnson Fistel
Dear clients, friends, and colleagues, Johnson &Weaver, LLP, a complex business litigation firm with offices in California, New York, and Georgia, changed its name to Johnson Fistel, LLP, with Michael I. Fistel, Jr. being elevated to named partner. Since joining us in 2014, Michael has been a key member of the firm in terms of
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