Time To Review Your Estate, Asset Protection, Insurance, and Financial Plans?

As reflected in recent articles in The Monitor, over the past year, Johnson Fistel added estate planning and asset protection services to meet the needs of its clients.  Toward that end, the firm has been providing powerful legal tools like wills and trusts to help clients plan for their future and mitigate tax obligations.  But estate planning is only part of the bigger picture.  A proper estate plan often incorporates vital and comprehensive insurance coverage to protect family and business owned assets.


Well planned estates include insurance plans that not only protect against untimely death and unforeseen life situations, but also include tax planning and asset protection for future generations.  Life insurance policies have changed dramatically in recent years.  Medical events like strokes, heart attacks, cancer, and the growing need for long-term care can have a huge impact on people’s lives – and modern insurance policies are written to take all of these unfortunate events into consideration.  If you’ve purchased life insurance more than 5 years ago – you may not have these provisions in your policy.


To continue to meet the diverse needs of its clients, Johnson Fistel’s managing partner, Frank Johnson, took the necessary courses to pass the California Life, Accident, and Health exam and recently obtained his insurance license in California to help clients fulfill their estate planning needs.  The firm has also associated with experienced financial and insurance planners that can provide a no-cost, no-obligation review of your current situation and discuss ways to save money, reduce taxes, and make your estate and financial planning more effective and efficient.  For business owners, the firm can help with proper business protection and succession planning, retaining key employees and other tax advantaged programs.


In addition, most financial plans include guaranteed, tax efficient vehicles to protect against market downturns.  The firm’s professionals can discuss such investments that offer guaranteed principle protection, tax deferred growth of the principle, and market participation if the market appreciates.  Of course, each person’s personal situation is unique and the firm treats them accordingly.


The firm’s experienced professionals (both legal and financial) can create a customized plan for each individual’s personal situation.  From simple insurance planning to the most elaborate and complex estate plan, the firm has experienced professionals to help your needs.  If you have any questions about estate planning, asset protection, or insurance needs, please contact us for a complimentary initial consultation and estate plan review.


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